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Fuels & Lubricants

Shop a range of Husqvarna fuels and oils to keep your outdoor power equipment running and in good shape.

Available in store only.

HP 2 Stroke Oil

HP 2-Stroke Oil

$19.95 inc GST


1 litre - $21.95

4 litres - $72.95

Product Description:

Husqvarna HP 2-stroke oil is formulated to work well with low-quality fuels. The additives are of the highest quality and are especially chosen to lessen deposits in the crankcase which can arise from using low-quality fuel. The oil is designed to suit the entire 2-stroke product range – from the smallest trimmer used all day up to the biggest chainsaw used for heavy felling and limbing in extremely hot or cold conditions.

Husqvarna Mineral Bar and Chain Oil

Mineral Bar & Chain Oil

$10.95 inc GST


1 litre - $11.95

5 litres - $44.95

20 litres - $159.00

Product Description:

Husqvarna Mineral Bar and Chain Oil is specially suited to highperformance chainsaws. High quality additives improve lubrication reducing chain and bar wear. Ideal formulation to facilitate use in all weather conditions.

Husqvarna Air Filter Oil

Air Filter Oil

$52.95 inc GST


1 litre

Product Description:

Air filter oil provides optimal air flow and efficiently traps particles in the filter, keeping the engine running cleaner and reducing wear.

Husqvarna 10W 30 4 Stroke Oil

10W/30 4-Stroke Oil

$15.95 inc GST


1 litre - $17.95

4 litres - $45.95

20 litres - $219.00

Product Description:

A premium multi-grade engine oil specially designed for use with 4-stoke air cooled engines.

Husqvarna grease gun

Grease Gun - Refillable

$25.95 inc GST



Product Description:

For lubricating bar tip bearing and clutch needle bearings. Pre-filled with high quality grease.

Husqvarna combi fuel can

Combi Can, 5/2.5 Litres

$79.95 inc GST

Size - holds:

5 litres petrol

2.5 litres oil

Product Description:

Designed to allow refuelling without splash or waste. Providing an optimised fuel/chain oil ratio storage containers (5.0L / 2.5L) with an integrated toolbox for frequently needed tools and spare parts. Approved in accordance with UN recommendations.

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